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At 13, I discovered the magic that candy and chocolate could create after being tasked with creating a holiday dessert. It wasn’t long until I founded Zac’s Sweet Shop.

No store bought cookies here

I was tasked to bring a holiday dessert so I either had to go to my grocery store to pick something up or create something I dipped some strawberries, pretzels, and Oreos in chocolate and before I knew it, everyone asked where I bought them from. And just like that, I thought I was onto something...

Mom, I want to start a business

Not long after the holiday party I asked my mom: “can I start a business?” Immediately, she thought I was crazy! I was persistent and made some business cards and finally I had her convinced! After the business cards were made, I created a menu, and a Facebook page. I garnered 25 Easter orders which officially marked the start of Zac’s Sweet Shop business.

I almost swam with the sharks

After falling in love with the television show Shark Tank, I thought...why can’t I try and be on this? So I sent an e-mail and after a few rounds of casting, interviews, and a recorded tape, I didn’t make the cut through 40,000 applications. However, I was determined and kept the Zac’s Sweet Shop spirit alive

High School Musical? More like high school sweet shop

After delivering sweets to classmates since middle school in between classes, I realized you’re never too old for chocolate! In high school, I helped fund our prom through monthly sweets sales dipping and drizzling over 5,000 sweets. Additionally, I had the opportunity to cater at TedxYouth Pittsburgh, making over 900 sweets--all gone by intermission.

Be right back... going to college

After catering numerous graduation parties in 2017, including my own, I decided to go to college in Los Angeles and take a pause on Zac’s Sweet Shop. I had to figure out and focus on college and even take some time to see if the sweet shop was something I could pursue. I couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet shop and realized I really couldn’t live without it.

..Okay, I'm back for good!

After two years on hiatus and numerous friends and family asking about the cookie dough truffles, I realized I really missed the sweet shop. I asked myself a question...why am I not doing this? Yes it might be hard to balance, yes it’s a risk, but it made me realize how much I really do love Zac’s Sweet Shop… so I launched a Kickstarter and WE DID IT! Zac’s Sweet Shop is now available NATIONWIDE and the journey has just begun....